A City That Moves

“I believe in targeted tools for specific projects. It’s not enough to be a subway champion. You also have a plan to pay for it. As mayor, I will unlock the value tied up in City assets like Toronto Hydro to fund the City’s share of the Downtown Relief Line.” – Karen Stintz

Gridlock is costing us $11 billion a year in lost economic activity. It’s the great burden, taking time away from our families, from the things that matter.

Congestion in Toronto is unsustainable.

As mayor, Karen will focus on congestion. It’s time to stop focusing on the fight. Let’s focus on the fix.

Here’s the fix: we need a true transportation system. One system, where all the pieces are moving together, in sync, from core to corners. One system, getting us where we need to go, no matter which mode we choose to travel or how many modes we choose to use.

In Toronto today, The City does not have a true transportation ‘system’. There are too many departments and agencies in charge – which means no one is really in charge at all.

As mayor, Karen will make the building of the Downtown Relief Line her #1 subway expansion priority. The DRL is essential to connecting the east and west to the downtown and reducing congestion on the Yonge-University-Spadina line.

As mayor, Karen will establish Transportation 4 Toronto (T4T) – an agency led by one individual to act as a Transportation Czar responsible for ensuring that all transportation customers benefit from a coordinated transportation system that gets them to where they are going, safely, reliably, and with minimal delays.

As mayor, Karen will move full speed ahead to expand the Bloor-Danforth line into Scarborough. The people of Scarborough deserve nothing less.