Responsible & Accountable Leadership

“We need a new approach, including a smaller council, to make City Hall work again. The focus must be on customer service. This election is not a referendum on Rob Ford. This is a referendum on Toronto. But there can be no mistake: Rob Ford is not getting the job done at City Hall.” – Karen Stintz

Torontonians work hard to make this City great and they deserve a mayor and council who will respect their hard earned tax dollars. As mayor, Karen will keep taxes low, set clear priorities for investment, eliminate ineffective program spending, and unlock value from under-utilized assets.

Property tax payers are not an endless well to be dipped into. As mayor, Karen is committed to holding the line on property tax increases to no more than the rate of inflation. This means setting clear investment priorities and regularly reviewing the performance of all city programs and assets to identify those to be improved or scrapped.