Strong Communities

“Rejecting the politics of the past means embracing new ideas that help solve interconnected problems. This approach reflects the kind of new thinking we need. Tomorrow thinking.” – Karen Stintz

The motto of the City of Toronto is ‘Diversity is Our Strength’. As a city, we are deeply and globally respected for our success in this area. As mayor, I will expand City economic development efforts to include working with home grown entrepreneurs and businesses to build investment and economic growth from within, and to help create international opportunities for Toronto’s very own innovators and business leaders.

We have work to do. We must better coordinate access to services and resources that enable new residents to prosper and achieve their full potential. We must leverage the City’s diverse communities to export Toronto to the world.

As mayor, I will facilitate the partnerships needed to help newcomers successfully participate in Toronto’s economic and social life and to leverage our diversity to expand Toronto’s international political and economic ties that will help to fuel economic growth.